Introduction to PCAP


Since 2007, the Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) has engaged hundreds of thought leaders in the United States and abroad to produce scores of recommendations on how the President, Congress and candidates for public office can improve the nation’s climate and energy security. These thought leaders come from across the political spectrum with the common objective of finding energy and climate policies that can appeal to conservatives, moderates and progressives. In that spirit, PCAP’s national advisory committee includes some of the nation’s most distinguished current and former leaders from different political and ideological perspectives.

PCAP’s view is that global climate change and the clean energy revolution are not Democrat or Republican issues, although they have unfortunately been politicized. They are issues with deep impacts on all Americans today and in the future. They are essential to America’s security and prosperity, as well as to its leadership in the global community. 

So, this website will feature links to and input from a wide range of scientists and organizations.  What visitors will not find here are inputs from those remaining Americans, scientists and elected officials who have not yet acknowledged the reality of climate change and the urgency of confronting it. The science is settled, climate impacts already are upon us and the national discussion now must focus on what we will do about it.

PCAP’s operating assumptions also remain the same:

  • Energy and climate security are not partisan issues.
  • Solutions must serve the public interest rather than special interests, when the two diverge
  • To meet the challenges of the 21st Century, economic recovery is not enough. We need economic transformation to achieve a dynamic, robust, competitive, secure and sustainable economy.
  • There is no “silver bullet” to arrest climate change or to protect ourselves from energy crises. We must update or replace the rules, regulations, programs and policies formed by and for the carbon era.
  • Climate and energy security are extraordinarily urgent issues that require bold leadership and can no longer be ignored. When Congress fails to act, the President must, with all the tools and powers he can legally use.

Confronting big challenges is what we Americans do. Addressing climate change and energy security are the biggest opportunity for new jobs and industries, a dynamic economy, lasting peace and a better quality of life for our children. Just as important, they are an opportunity to prove again that a free society and helping markets are capable of dealing with the most serious of threats.