PCAP Report 3 | Building an Advanced Energy Economy

October 2012 - PCAP Report 3 Issue guidelines on pricing carbon Decarbonize federal fiscal policy Create a roadmap to a clean energy economy Challenge the U.S. to become the world’s most resource efficient nation Develop genuine progress indicators Read full report here: Building an Advanced Energy Economy  

PCAP Climate Action Plan Brief

August 2011 - PCAP Climate Action Plan Brief The principal challenge facing the 44th President of the United States is to rally the nation to create a new 21st century economy. The United States, like other industrialized nations, has arrived at the cusp between two eras. The outgoing era has been powered largely by carbon-rich fossil fuels with an operating ethic of dominion over natural systems. The incoming era will embrace the responsibility of stewardship and will be powered by carbon-free and largely renewable resources. Read full brief here: PCAP Climate Action Plan Brief

PCAP Report 2 | Building the Obama Administration’s Climate Legacy

January 2011 - PCAP Report 2 Emphasize climate action as risk management Make federal progress on emissions more transparent Count the full social & environmental costs of energy options Encourage private investment in clean energy Create a 50-year agriculture plan   Read full report: Building the Obama Administration’s Climate Legacy

PCAP Report 1 | Plan B: Near-Term Presidential Actions For Energy & Environmental Leadership

August 2010 - PCAP Report 1 Declare a war on energy waste Reinvent transportation policy Eliminate fossil energy subsidies Emphasize ecosystem restoration Read full report here: Plan B: Near-Term Presidential Actions For Energy & Environmental Leadership