ClearPath Foundation

From the ClearPath Foundation website:  We want to advance clean energy, the conservative way. This is about more than windmills and solar panels: natural gas is the energy source that’s reducing the most pollution, and nuclear and hydropower are America’s two biggest fully clean energy sources. We favor markets, freedom and innovation. We stand against bureaucracy, crony capitalism, and big government. We believe that time-tested conservative principles can create energy security, boost our economy, and reduce pollution. We can do this together. We believe in small government, free markets, and American innovation. Our principles form the basis for how we analyze proposed reforms Our Principles: Smaller Government American Innovation Energy Independence Lower Pollution Free Market Cost Benefit Read more: ClearPath Foundation

Young Conservatives for Energy Reform

The goal of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform is to bring together young professional, socially conservative, leaders from across the country in a grass roots effort to influence energy reform and to build and strengthen regional and state coalitions through targeted meetings, press releases, and through local media outreach efforts. Learn more about Young Conservatives for Energy Reform

Conservatives for Clean Energy

Conservatives for Clean Energy educates the public on the benefits of clean and renewable energy sources in our state. Our organization helps to lead the conversation about the economic benefits of clean energy to North Carolina’s economy.  As conservatives, we encourage competition and free markets, which allows for vibrant, sustainable economies.  Clean and renewable energy sources represent the future of energy in North Carolina. Learn more about Conservative for Clean Energy.