From the RepublicEN website:

The Energy and Enterprise Initiative is an 501(c)(3) educational effort based at George Mason University. We are a small team committed to building public understanding of free enterprise and its promise to solve energy and climate challenges.

We opened up shop in July 2012. For our first couple years, we spoke with thousands of conservatives and free-market advocates around the country. We discovered that a robust constituency exists for conservative leadership on clean energy and climate change. We met a lot of conservatives who shared three things in common:

They’re energy optimists, confident that market-driven innovation can accelerate an energy revolution;

They’re climate realists, compelled by the evidence that climate risk requires risk management; and

They are pumped to learn that they’re not alone.

On 11-12-14 we launched the republicEn community to be the home base for energy optimists and climate realists.


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